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Each of the Therapies aim to promote a deep sense of relaxation, relieve stress, ease tension, balance the body, mind and spirit and restore health, vitality and well-being. More specific benefits have also been experienced such as:-
≈ Reduction in anxiety and easing of emotional and mental stress and fatigue
≈ Relief from general discomfort and muscle pain
≈ Improved joint mobility
≈ Stimulation of the lymphatic and digestive systems to rid the body of toxins which can cause sluggishness and low energy levels
≈ Improvement in the circulation of blood and oxygen to muscles, organs and the brain helping the organs and glands to function more efficiently
≈ Boosting of the immune system which helps the body to resist infection
≈ Increased concentration levels and alertness
≈ Encouragement of the flow of natural energies to relax and revitalise the whole person
What To Expect
The first appointment always includes a completely confidential consultation during which the Therapist checks a client’s medical history and general lifestyle. This may include the discussion of diet, posture, exercise, work patterns, home stresses, allergies and emotional problems. The consultation is an important part of any treatment as it gives an impression of a client’s current state of health and helps the Therapist to determine the most appropriate treatment plan.
NB In some medical cases, consent from a Doctor or Consultant may be sought before any treatment can be given.
Some of the treatments can be received fully clothed. For others some removal is necessary. Towels preserve modesty at all times and the client’s comfort is of paramount importance.
After each treatment, it is advisable to drink plenty of water, eat only a light meal, keep warm, avoid excessive alcohol and stimulating exercise and, in the case of Aromatherapy, keep Essential Oils on the skin for 24 hours, avoiding highly perfumed products.
Some people may experience reactions to the treatments such as tiredness, thirst, headaches and increased urination. This is called the ‘healing process’ and need not cause alarm. The Therapist should be contacted however should any client have concerns.
It is generally felt that it can take between three to six treatment sessions for the real benefits of Complementary Therapies to be appreciated. However, the frequency of these treatments depends very much on each client’s individual needs.
Prices for treatments range between £22 - £32, and treatment duration varies from 45mins - 1hour 10mins. Please contact Rachel for full details.
Gift vouchers are also available.
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