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Vertical Reflex Therapy

Vertical Reflex Therapy is a relatively new Therapy discovered and developed by Lynne Booth during her work with chronically sick residents in a nursing home in Bristol.

Her research has shown that all reflexes found on the soles of the feet can also be accessed through the tops of the foot, and that in fact the body is more responsive to energetic stimulation and healing if the client is treated briefly in a standing position. Weight-bearing seems to result in the Therapist reaching deeper and sometimes new reflexes. Balance within the body may also be achieved in a shorter time.
These effects seem to be attained as a result of the Therapist being able to work the reflexes in an almost three-dimensional way coupled with the body being more energised and therefore responsive in a standing position.
Lynne Booth has also developed other techniques including Synergistic Reflexology (which involves working reflexes on the hand and foot simultaneously to increase the stimulation of the reflexes), nail-working and zonal trigger work on the ankles.

Vertical Reflex Therapy can be incorporated into a conventional Reflexology session, used at the beginning or end of the treatment. The client stands for the Vertical Reflex Therapy but then lies or sits as usual for the rest of the session.

Benefits of Vertical Reflex Therapy
Similar to those of Reflexology but attained more quickly. Five minutes standing is the maximum length of time needed for a treatment so that reflexes do not become ‘over-loaded’.
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