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Indian Head Massage
Indian Head Massage is part of ‘Ayurveda’, one of the world’s oldest medical and holistic traditions. To this day it continues to be an important part of Indian culture and way of life.
Indian Head Massage is becoming increasingly recognised in the West for its relaxing and therapeutic effects. Not only does a treatment work the head, face, neck, shoulders and upper arms (very common areas where stress is felt) but in focusing on the head, the centre of the body’s Central Nervous System, Indian Head Massage can be said to treat the whole body.
As  a therapy, Indian Head Massage is designed to be received quickly and easily with the minimum amount of fuss, preparation and disruption (for this reason it is experiencing a surge in popularity as a corporate massage treatment for office-based workers). Its aim is simply to provide a time of deep relaxation and relief from stress and muscle tension. A treatment can be both relaxing and reviving, leaving the recipient feeling calm, warm and positive.
A treatment is carried out whilst the recipient sits in a chair. It is usually given through clothes and without oils, although oils can be used. There is no need for a client to ‘go home and take it easy’ afterwards, although it would be beneficial! It also isn’t necessary to wear loose and comfortable clothing for a treatment, but a client may prefer to do so.
Receiving Complementary Therapies is a lifestyle choice. Regular treatments can be beneficial in the prevention of stress and related disorders. Initially however, a concentrated series of 3 - 4 sessions of Indian Head Massage may be recommended for specific conditions or symptoms.
Benefits of Indian Head Massage
Potential physical and mental benefits from Indian Head Massage include:-
Relief from neck and shoulder pain / stiffness
Breakdown of muscle tension and increase in oxygen uptake by the tissues
Stimulation of the lymphatic system and dispersal of toxins/waste products
Improved circulation of blood and oxygen to muscles and the brain
Improved joint mobility
Promotion of hair growth
Strengthening and conditioning of the hair (when combined with oils)
Loosening of the scalp and improved circulation of cerebrospinal fluid
Reduction of anxiety
Promotion of a sense of peace, calmness and well-being
Promotion of concentration, clear thinking and alertness
Re-energising of the person as a whole
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