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Reiki (pronounced ‘ray-key’), is a safe, gentle and deeply relaxing holistic therapy. It is a method of healing which originated in Tibet about 2,500 years BC. Today, more than 300 Masters world-wide pass on the ability to use this energy.
The word Reiki literally translated means ‘Universal Life Force’. It is in fact the energy all around us and is present in all living things. A Reiki treatment combines the utilisation of this Life Force  - Ki - with the warmth, reassurance and healing power of human touch.
Like most Eastern-based healing methods, Reiki works on energy channels and on both physical and mental symptoms. It promotes well-being and helps the body’s healing systems to work to their full potential. It is not spiritual or faith healing, nor is it a religious belief.
A treatment involves the Reiki Practitioner placing their hands on or above a client’s body in set positions, applying little or no pressure. The treatment is carried out while the client lies or sits, and there is no need to undress, so clients are advised to wear something loose and comfortable. 
Reiki energy is channelled through the Practitioner to the client's body, which in turn uses it where it is needed in order to bring about a state of balance within.
Sometimes people feel emotions arising during the treatment. Feeling light is also common, and feeling deeply relaxed and even falling asleep. Some people can sense or see the energy moving, (heat, a tingling sensation or seeing colours). However, peoples’ levels of perception vary, and the treatment will still be working if none of these are consciously experienced
Reiki can be used alongside orthodox and Complementary Medicine. Many people have in fact experienced it enhancing the benefits of each of these traditions. However, it is important to note that Reiki should not replace a person’s current medical treatment, neither should it be considered a substitute for conventional medicine.
Usually, a series of 3 - 5 initial sessions is believed to be the most beneficial.
Benefits of Reiki
The use of Reiki, at the very least, encourages a deep sense of relaxation. It encourages the body’s energy to flow freely thus enabling the body to heal itself - realigning, re-balancing and re-energising body, mind, spirit and emotions. The deep relaxation felt during a Reiki treatment can help to combat many stress-related disorders such as depression, grief, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and muscular and stomach tension, leaving the recipient feeling calm, warm and positive.
Reiki is useful to everyone and everything and it is not possible to overload on Reiki energy. The energy will continue to flow until the body has received sufficient for its needs. No harm can come to anyone from a Reiki treatment and there are no negative side-effects. However, if a person does not want to receive the energy, the energy will simply not be absorbed and it will flow down into the earth.
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